HOUSTON, TX (WCMH) — Beginning in September, parents who are behind 180 days on child support payments will not be able to renew their vehicle registrations in Texas.

Tax Assessor Mike Sullivan will be carrying out this new mandate from the Office of the Attorney General, NBC affiliate KPRC-TV reports. He encourages all parents who are behind on child support payments to contact the OAG at 1-866-646-5611.

“I want to urge the public to be aware this law is taking effect, to be prepared and to get in touch with the Attorney General’s office to take care of their obligations,” Sullivan said.

The Texas Attorney General will notify parents 90 days prior to their registration renewal date, warning them their registration will not be processed unless they contact the OAG to setup a payment plan. They must make a satisfactory payment toward the plan to qualify.

“Texas children deserve financial assistance. I understand and support the intent of the law. On the other hand, I am concerned this will extend our wait times, create longer lines and lead to more vehicles on the road without valid registrations,” Sullivan told KPRC-TV.Below is the Texas AG’s office full statement:

“The OAG’s Child Support Division uses every available means to gain compliance with court orders and get lawfully obligated money to children. Because of the Texas program’s multifaceted approach, it is first among 54 states, territories and districts for the amount of child support collected; the amount of child support collected per employee; and cost effectiveness.

Our office has worked closely with tax assessor-collectors across the state to make the new process as seamless as possible. We appreciate the role these officials will play in helping children in their communities receive the financial support they are due.

It is not the desire of the OAG to take away a parent’s transportation; it is our desire to see that Texas children receive court ordered child support.”