COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The suspect accused of tackling a speaker at an anti-trump protest at Ohio State Monday night was in court this morning.

The suspect OSU student Shane Michael Stanton, 24, was given a $2,500 bond while being arraigned Tuesday.

The speaker was tackled down a flight of stairs. In an NBC4 exclusive we spoke with that man about what happened.

OSU 2014 graduate Tim Adams was speaking at the rally on OSU’s campus when the next thing he knew he was on the ground. He’s OK, with just some bumps and bruises, but said he’s scared things like this will continue to happen with Donald Trump elected President.

“It was kind of hard to process what was going on in the moment you know it was all really a blur,” said Adams.

Adams said he didn’t vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the election.

“I think both candidates represented the interests of corporations and the one percent.”

The self-described Socialist said he was talking to the crowd about how the election has inspired violence when an apparent Trump supporter ran down the stairs and tackled him to the ground in the Ohio Union.

“This stuff will absolutely continue to happen. This is really just the beginning unless we’re able to organize and fight back against this kind of violence.”

A group of student Trump supporters saw the attack and said they absolutely do not support violence.

“That does not represent the basic Trump supporter,” said freshman Konrad Witek.

“It puts us to shame because as Trump supporters one radical guy is how we’re going to get labeled.”

None of the Trump supporters recognized the suspect.

“He’s not at all a part of the Students for Trump Organization,” said August Painter.

They said they attended the protest hoping to unify. Adams said he’s glad to hear that, but hopes they were really watching.

“The candidate they’re supporting and the ideas they’re supporting you know you can’t separate that from this violence so I would really encourage them to rethink their politics.”

Adams said he is filing charges against the suspect who was quickly taken into police custody. OSU said it’s aware of what happened and will comment once police finish their investigation.

According to the Franklin County Board of Elections, Stanton is registered to vote as a Democrat.