MARION, Ohio (WCMH) — A photo is circulating on social media. It shows an 8-year-old boy laying on the concrete at school waiting for a school bus. It also shows a grown man laying on the ground with him.

The photo was taken by Amber Mckinniss, who works at the school.

“I had to take the picture,” McKinniss wrote on Facebook. “It was the most amazing thing I’ve seen! Our hearts melted and LJ enjoyed it.”

She sent the picture to LJ’s mom Steph Compton. She posted the photo to her wall and it went viral, for her wall anyway. At this writing, more than 780 people reacted to the picture.

The Garfield Elementary Assistant Principal could not be reached for comment, but many of Compton’s friends and family had a lot to write.

One woman named Shylah Tennar wrote, ” Mr.Smith was the BEST teacher! So glad he carries that with him as a principle !! Such a great guy!”

The third-grader lives with down syndrome and autism. He also lives with people who have his back.

“It’s really awesome to know from a parent’s standpoint, that there are people that care that much about your child. To get down on the ground, and lay on the ground with them to make sure that they’re alright,” said Compton.