COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Many Ohioans received unemployment insurance benefits during the pandemic. Now, as Ohio attempts to reopen, business owners say they cannot find enough workers. There are not enough people applying.

This week, Lt. Gov. Husted announced that the extra $300 per unemployment check would vanish at the end of June, and people will have to start proving they are looking for work starting May 23.

“We’re basically returning to the rules that existed before the pandemic that govern how our unemployment insurance agency is run,” said Rea Hederman who is the Executive Director at Economic Research Center, Buckeye Institute.

“It’s really hard to for small businesses who are struggling to begin with because of everything we’ve gone through over the past year to now be struggling to find a workforce,” Sen. Theresa Gavarone, (R) from Bowling Green.

Senator Gavarone owns a small business and emphasized that the extra money coming from the federal government is helping some people earn more than if they were working.

Policy Matters Ohio’s Executive Director Hannah Halbert puts that back on business owners.

“We need to take a look at some of these wages. I mean if 300 bucks is make or break for people coming into your establishment for work that’s a real sign that maybe your offer is way too low for the current market.”

Ohio Job and Family Services are notifying people individually of the change in procedures so they have plenty of time to prepare before the May 23 deadline.