COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The state of Ohio has unveiled a new statewide campaign aimed at curbing the proliferation of litter.

The campaign, named “A Little Litter is a Big Problem,” is a collaboration among the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The agencies report that ODOT alone has spent at least $48.6 million to deal with litter since 2011, and ODOT staff have spent 1,834,634 hours picking up trash. In 2020, those totals were $4.7 million and 151,410 hours.

In addition to Ohio’s roadways, the agencies say litter impacts state parks and waterways.

“Litter is ugly and costly,” said Governor Mike DeWine. “Earth Day is a great opportunity to recognize what each of us can do to help protect our planet.  One of the things we can all do is help clean up litter – because a little bit of litter is a big problem.”

The agencies plan to host a litter summit this spring, and say they are seeking cooperation with local governments, environmental groups, businesses, and educational institutions to make the campaign a success.