CANAL WINCHESTER, Ohio (WCMH) — Around 5,000 square feet of space lies within the Canal Winchester Human Services Food Pantry.

Ohio State University senior Josh Gilger plans to fill every inch of it with canned goods and food items for families in need.

“I am very fortunate to be in this position to be able to help people,” said Gilger, a resident of Canal Winchester. “That’s just what I’ve always wanted to do.”

When he was only nine years old, Gilger started this community wide event known as the Trick or Treat Food Drive. But instead of treats, local families will provide food and personal hygiene items out on their front door, for Gilger and other volunteers to collect.

“We print out flyers and we put those on people’s mailboxes and we like doing that because we can list exactly what is needed for this year. It changes every year,” said Gilger.

Each year, the community seems to give more and more, with around 2,000 items collected in one week alone.

“When Josh first started it, he had it at the right time where donations are kind of low,” said Aletha Mullins, director of Canal Winchester Human Services.

Mullins says the holidays are when they usually struggle the most in getting donations. But the Trick or Treat Food Drive prepare them for holiday season and beyond.

“We are very fortunate in our donation, so it’s people like Josh and the projects that he does for us,” said Mullins.

If you’d like to bring in items to donate to the food pantry, you can visit their facility on Monday through Wednesday at 80 Covenant Way in Canal Winchester.