COLUMBUS (WCMH) – In recognition of Teen Driver Safety Week, the Ohio State Highway Patrol announced a new imitative Tuesday working to help reduce traffic fatalities across the state.

The new program, called DRIVE to Live, will put law enforcement officers in front of students in schools and other venues, giving the students an opportunity to ask questions.

The DRIVE in the program is an acronym for Decisions, Responsibility, Invest, Value, and Educate.

The officers will hand out anonymous questionnaires to the students, allowing them to ask questions or make comments they may feel uncomfortable making in a group setting.

Over the last five years, more than 460 people have been killed on Ohio’s roadways; of those, 170 were teenagers.

In addition to reducing crashes and promoting safe driving, the program hopes to introduce the students to jobs in the law enforcement field.

“It’s obviously an opportunity to learn, to invest, and to listen and hear what our youth are thinking and what questions they might have,” said OSHP Superintendent Col. Richard S. Fambro.