DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) — A Columbus man is facing felony charges after police say he kicked an officer following an arrest at a Dublin bar.

It started shortly before 8:30 p.m. on May 5 at Urban Meyer’s Pint House in Dublin’s Bridge Park development. The bar manager called police to report there was a very intoxicated bar patron refusing to leave. When police arrived, the manager told officers that he had been asking the man to leave for over an hour and that he was willing to press charges for criminal trespassing.

Police identified that man as 35-year-old Patrick M. Callahan.

An officer approached Callahan and told him he needed to leave the establishment. In body camera video released by Dublin police, Callahan refused to leave the bar, insisting that he did nothing wrong. Callahan quickly points out he only has one leg.

After refusing to leave, Callahan tried to order water from the bar.

Callahan eventually got up from the bar and walked out to the sidewalk. Police asked him to identify himself. Callahan refused several times, leading police to place him in cuffs.

Based upon observations on Callahan’s apparent level of intoxication, police believed he was unable to safely care for himself, according to a police report.

“Where do you live, and is there somebody close by who can come take custody of you?” asked an officer.

“No, my ex-wife can not take custody of me,” responded Callahan.

While taking Callahan into custody, an officer asked if there was anything in his pockets that could stick or hurt them.

“Yeah, I got like five things. I got one leg that will poke you,” responded Callahan, apparently referring to his prosthetic leg.

As officers frisked Callahan, he became combative, yelling that officers touched his genitals. He then swears at officers several times, calling one officer a pedophile.

While in the back of a cruiser, Callahan said he wanted to spit on one of the officers, according to the police report. A spit guard was placed over Callahan’s head before arriving at the Franklin County Jail at Jackson Pike.

While at the jail, police say Callahan initially refused to get out of the cruiser. After he eventually got out, officers escorted him up the steps toward the jail’s entry door.

“As we walked up the steps towards the door, Mr. Callahan swiftly turned his body towards me, straightened his right leg, and then lunged his right knee into my body in a ‘knee strike’ motion which struck me in my left arm,” the officer noted in his report.

Jail staff then arrived to help bring Callahan into the jail.

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Callahan was charged with misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest, obstructing official business and disorderly conduct. On Monday, a Franklin County grand jury indicted him on felony counts of assault of a police officer and obstructing official business.