(WJW) – Days after  Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed a bill into law which bans Ohio public schools and universities from requiring people to get vaccines authorized for emergency use, an Ohio lawmaker is working to prevent a mask requirement in the classroom.

Republican Senator Andrew Brenner, who represents Senate District 19, introduced Senate Bill 209.

The bill states:

“…the state board of education, the department of education, and the board of education of any school district shall not require any individual, including students, teachers, other school employees, and visitors, to wear a facial covering to attend or participate in in-person instruction, school-sponsored athletics, or another school sponsored extracurricular activity, or in any other place on school premises..”

It goes on to say a person may choose to wear a mask but shouldn’t be required to do so. The bill, however, does not prevent health officials from “taking action to prevent the spread of a communicable
or contagious disease.”

Many districts in Northeast Ohio are still finalizing plans when it comes to masks for the upcoming school year, as children under the age of 12 are not able to yet receive a coronavirus vaccine.