COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill Wednesday that will restrict the ability of small villages to issue civil speeding fines.

House Bill 125 was passed by a vote of 89-0.

The bill seeks to prohibit small villages that do not have mayor’s courts from imposing fines that are greater than what would be charged in municipal court.

The bill is sponsored by Representatives Hearcel Craig (D-Columbus) and William Seitz (R-Cincinnati).

Police in Brice place a hidden traffic camera in an orange barrel or flower pot along Brice Road. Drivers traveling at more than 25mph are issued a civil citation, payable directly to the village.

The village, with a population of 120, collects more than $100,000 in civil penalties annually.

In May, Brice Police Chief Bud Bauchmoyer defended the program, saying the use of the camera eliminates traffic stops on a busy and narrow stretch of Brice Road.

“If you don’t like getting tickets, don’t speed in my village,” said Bauchmoyer.

Speed and red light cameras aren’t illegal in Ohio, as long as an officer is nearby.

The bill now goes to the Ohio Senate for consideration.