STRASBURG, OH (WCMH) — A farmer in Strasburg, Ohio is making a political statement with bull manure.

Jerry Slanker tells WEWS-TV that he spent four hours hauling manure left by his 15 cows so he could spell out a giant message that reads “No Trump.” The message is wider than a football field and can be seen by airplanes passing overhead.

“I load it in the manure spreader and haul it right through this gate,” said Slanker.

Slanker, who is 69 years old, says he knows a lot of people might not agree with his message, but he’s just practicing his First Amendment of Freedom of Speech.

“I know there’s a lot of people maybe not agreeing with me, but that’s their American right,” Slanker told WEWS-TV. “I just voice my opinion and not yours.”