SEATTLE, WA (WCMH) — Have you ever wished more people thought you worked in the dirt? Maybe, you wish more people perceived you as a pig farmer?

For $425 Nordstrom will help you make people think you do all the dirty work for a living.

The jeans, labeled Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans, are described on Nordstrom’s site as “Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.”

People have already taken to reviewing the jeans, including “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe.

“Finally – a pair of jeans that look like they have been worn by someone with a dirty job…made for people who don’t. And you can have your very own pair for just $425.00,” Rowe wrote on a Facebook post that was shared thousands of times. “The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans aren’t pants. They’re not even fashion. They’re a costume for wealthy people who see work as ironic – not iconic.” MORE: Nordstrom sells clear-knee ‘mom jeans’

“These are perhaps the best jeans I’ve ever owned. Perfectly match my stick on calluses,” a reviewer left on Nordstrom’s website along with a five star rating.

Another review wasn’t as nice with the ratings, giving the jeans only one star.

“This is a joke, right? Do you also sell jeans covered in cow manure? Oh, that must be the deluxe model,” the review read.

The dirty denims do feature free shipping along with the $425 price tag.

Oh, and FYI, if you are wanting to preserve the “heavily distressed” jeans, they are machine wash cold, line dry only.