COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The Ohio Statehouse recently got a high tech makeover, in the form of energy-saving LED lights. They were billed to taxpayers as a way to make money

As it turns out, they didn’t save a dime, but they did save energy.

The lighting upgrade consisted of more than 900 brand new lights.

“We were looking at options at how to decrease our energy usage,” said Luke Stedke with the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board. “The board is always looking at ways to save taxpayer money.”

AEP offered the bulbs with a rebate. The total cost to the taxpayer was around $4,410.

Back in October, the statehouse hoped to save money on energy over the next few months. Unfortunately, the upgrade didn’t save any money.

The cost of keeping the lights on at the Statehouse has only increased over the last six months.

The CSRAB said in a statement:

“AEP increased the demand tariff and usage tariff in August of 2017 for a net increase in CSRAB’s transmission service fee of 40%.”

While the cost has increased, the board points out that energy usage for the same time period decreased year to year for every electric bill. That decrease averaged between 10 and 20 percent per month.

LED lights also last longer than traditional bulbs, meaning they will have to be replaced less often.