KENTON, Ohio (WCHM) – While the man accused of kidnapping her had his first court appearance Monday, Trinity Hurt continues to heal.

Hurt’s father said over the phone Monday that his daughter remains in the hospital dealing with muscle spasms. She’s been hospitalized since late Friday after investigators found her near an abandoned house on Country Road 180.

Amber and Tyler McCafferty are neighbors of the Hurt family and of Charles Eugene Castle, the man accused of Trinity’s abduction.

“They trusted someone that was a family friend for years and it turned back on them,” Amber McCafferty said.

After they found out Trinity was missing, the McCaffertys decided to go through their home security footage.

“When I seen it, I stopped,” Amber McCafferty said. “’What did I just see? Did I just see that? Was that a shadow?’ You try to think of everything because you don’t want to think that that’s what you just seen.”

In the video, available in the video player above, you can see a man and a child approaching a car, which the McCaffertys said definitely belonged to Castle.

“When we slowed it down and we seen a little shadow get in, and then try to go away, and get put back in, that’s when we said, ‘That’s unusual. That’s not OK,’” Amber McCafferty said.

The McCaffertys gave the video to law enforcement Friday who said at the time that they were seriously considering it as a clue in the case.

“If this was our kids and this was somebody else’s house that had cameras, we would want them to do that for us,” Tyler McCafferty said.

The McCaffertys are collecting toys for Trinity and her three brothers at their home.

Castle is scheduled to return to court Friday for a preliminary hearing.