COLUMBUS (WCMH) — “Save our land! Join the klan!” That was one of the messages on business cards and fliers left at homes in Clintonville over the weekend.

They came from the National Socialist Movement. Neighbors reacted saying they won’t tolerate hate in their community.

Residents said the fliers are disturbing and offensive and that in Clintonville, everyone is welcome.

Rebecca, who asked we don’t use her last name, has lived in Clintonville for nearly a decade. She found the fliers at her home on Sunday. “There is this feeling suddenly of unnerve or feeling threatened in a neighborhood that I generally don’t feel that way in,” she said.

The National Socialist Movement describes itself on its website as America’s premier white civil rights organization. One of the fliers reads, “We are against race mixing and non-white immigration.” NBC4 called both numbers left on the business cards and our only option was to leave a message.

“You’ve reached the National Socialist Movement,” was part of the greeting when we dialed the Minnesota number. “We are the only political party in America dedicated to white interests and the proud heritage that our nation was founded upon.”

Rebecca said she worries about the intention of the letter. And, said it’s hard not to be alarmed.

“It feels like a pretty broad blanket of hate,” said Rebecca. “Is it just trying to spread fear? Trying to spread unease?”

Rebecca said Clintonville is a no hate zone. She said neighbors plan to meet this week to talk about how to combat the message.