COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For more than two decades, “My Very Own Blanket” in Westerville has been providing comfort to children in foster care by giving them a personalized, handmade blanket.

In 2020, twin sisters from Galloway, Ohio, Linda Johnson and Lauri Schunke set a goal to make 100 blankets to donate towards the charity’s mission. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the sisters quickly learned they could far surpass their goal.

“We might hit 700! And one night we were counting, and I think we were like 6 short, so we stayed up to like 3 in the morning and brought 700 here the next day,” said Linda Johnson.

Linda and Lauri also take the time to write a heartfelt, personalized note to each child who receives their blankets.

“Sometimes when I go to sew the tags on the blankets, I get teary-eyed because I’m like I hope you guys get the same thing I get out of this,” said Lauri Schunke.

A feeling of comfort and love.

“I would hope that these poor kids would have the same kind of feeling and love when they read the message,” said Johnson.

As a foster mom, Karie Griffin realized kids would come into her home with nothing to call their own, so she decided to create unique kits for foster children that include one of these handmade blankets.

“When they get these blankets, they love them, they smile, they’re so happy, and even talking with the foster parents two and three years down the road, these kids still sleep with these blankets,” said Karie Griffin.

For this reason, volunteers like Lauri and Linda are so important to “My Very Own Blanket” in order to reach its yearly goal.

“To give 25 thousand children in foster care a blanket that they can call their very own and that they can hang on to and know that they are loved,” said Jessica Rudolph, Founder of “My Very Own Blanket.”

Now, Lauri and Linda have a new goal for 2021.

“We have a goal now of 1000! That’s probably what it’ll be, we’re a fourth of the way there,” said the sisters.

To learn more about the nonprofit organization or to become a volunteer, click here.