(NEXSTAR MEDIA) — It turns out, the headline-grabbing “Moonlight” envelope snafu wasn’t the only error made during Sunday night’s Academy Awards show.

During the “In Memoriam” montage — where the film industry honors notable names who have died in the past year – the montage included a photograph of a woman who is uhh…alive.

According to Variety, a photo of producer Jan Chapman was mistakenly used in place of Janet Patterson – a well-known Australian costume designer who died last October. Patterson was nominated four times for Best Costume Design, most recently in 2009’s “Bright Star.” Chapman worked alongside Patterson on several films, including on “Bright Star,” 1999’s “Holy Smoke” and 1993’s “The Piano.”

“I was devastated by the use of my image in place of my great friend and long-time collaborator Janet Patterson,” Chapman told Variety.

CBS News reported the mistake may stem from a caption error in the Getty Images database. The photo used for the slide in the montage was a 2010 file photo from an awards show in Australia. Chapman is shown in the photo but the caption identifies her as Janet Patterson.

The Academy has yet to comment on the error.