SAN ANTONIO, TX (WCMH) — The mother of a second grade student in Texas says her daughter was taken from school by a stranger.

When a babysitter went to seven-year-old Gisella Garcia’s school to pick the girl up, the school told her that someone already picked Gisella up.

“The babysitter said ‘What do you mean? I am the person that has been assigned to come and pick her up,'” Gisella’s mother, Norma Garcia told KABB.

The babysitter looked around the school for Gisella and spotted her walking with a woman, according to Norma Garcia.

When the babysitter chased after Gisella, the woman ran off.

Garcia told KABB that the woman walking with Gisella was a staff member.

“If she is a member of the school staff, why is she running away with Gisella?”asked Garcia. “Why is she not stopping, or turning her head?”

Garcia went ahead and filed a police report anyway. She wants to make sure that the school’s dismissal policies are being followed.