ATLANTA, GA (WCMH) — A Georgia mom who was arrested for pepper spraying several high school students says she was just protecting her children.

Shawanda Favors told WSB-TV, when she was dropping her sons off at school Wednesday morning, some students who had fought her sons last week, began to attack them.

“I was just scared for my kids’ life. I didn’t think they were safe anymore,” Favors said.

Favors said if police had been near, she wouldn’t have had to use the pepper spray.

“(Officers were there), they were just on the other side. It took them too long to get over there,” Favors said.

According to WSB-TV, one student was hospitalized and four other had to be treated.

Favors’ son said he’s glad his mom did what she did. “Cause she broke the fight up. If she wasn’t out there, that fight could have been going on for hours,” he said.