San Marcos, Texas (KETK) – The mother of an incoming Texas State freshman has gained national attention after making the most of dropping her daughter off at orientation.

On Monday, Avery Leilani, an incoming freshman at Texas State in San Marcos, sent out the following tweet:

After dropping her daughter off on Monday, Leilani’s mom wasted no time seeing what all the fuss was about in San Marcos. She headed to the football field and made new friends along the way.

Since posting the screenshots on social media, Leilani’s tweet, as of Wednesday morning, has been retweeted more than 85,000 times. It has also racked up more than 388,000 favorites and collected around 1,000 replies.

Soon after, Twitter user BG tweeted a picture of her mom making friends at Texas State as well:

You go, Mom! You do you!