RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WJTV) – Some eat it raw, cooked or dried.

A pregnant woman in Rankin County, Mississippi wants to put her placenta in capsules after giving birth.

The mom says she was told she had to get a court order before doctors could release it to her.

“For a lot of people, it’s just kind of a gross thing. Like. why would you want to take that, it’s weird. But, it’s a personal choice, that’s my personal choice,” said Jordan Thiering.

New city, new home, new addition to the family.

Jordan Theiring and her husband moved to Brandon, from Wisconsin, in November. A month after finding out she was pregnant.

“After I read about it, it was around December, I decided that it was something I definitely wanted to include in my birth plan,” said Thiering.

Though it hasn’t been scientifically proven, Jordan says that ingesting your placenta has a lot of benefits for new moms.

“Increase of milk production, the post-partum hemorrhaging was real low, the baby blues were almost eliminated. It just seemed like a really good idea,” said Thiering.

After talking with her doctor, Jordan was advised to check in with the hospital to fill out the necessary paperwork.

“So, I contacted the hospital, that’s when I found out I needed to have a court order,” said Thiering.

Jordan reached out to a group for moms on Facebook for suggestions. That’s when she met Attorney Jacqueline Hammock.

“The health department’s regulations classifies a placenta as human tissue and once it’s out, it’s medical waste. It can’t be released to a patient without a court order,”  said Hammock,

The case was taken to the Rankin County Chancery Court and the judge granted Jordan her rights to her placenta.

“I am the first woman according to the health department to actually go forward to getting a court order to bring my placenta home with the baby,” said Thiering.

The women, say for them, this case is less about the placenta and more about women’s rights to their bodies.

“It’s about mom having a say in what happens in her birth process; that includes the birth process of the placenta,” said Hammock.

Jordan and her attorney are working to sit down with the Department of Health officials to change its rules about do away with new moms needing a court order to take home their placenta.What others are clicking on: