NBC4 has learned that three missing women in central Ohio went to the same drug rehab center in the southern part of the state. 

For months, residents of Ross County have been sounding the alarm about these mysterious disappearances. NBC4 talked to a missing persons group that’s searching for answers.

Jayme’s Message is a nonprofit group that helps families of missing persons cope. 

“We reach out to family members and get involved if the family agrees,” said founder Erick Bellomy.

Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe is where family and friends held a candlelight vigil Thursday night, asking attendees to keep the faith and saying they hope all the attention and prayers will help find these missing women.

Charlotte Trego, Tiffany Sayre and Wanda Lemons are all still missing from Ross County. Bellomy says three missing women from three different counties all have something in common other than drug addictions.

“The rehab center in Scioto County is connected not only with Jayme Bowen’s case, but down in Portsmouth with Megan Lancaster’s case and in Ross County with Charlotte Trego’s case,” he said.

There are two missing women from Columbus and two more from Scioto County who are the focus of a newly formed task force investigation. Three women are also still missing in Ross County.  

Jayme Bowen has been missing from Columbus since April of 2014. Megan Lancaster has been missing from Portsmouth since 2013 and Charlotte Trego from Ross County since May of 2014.

“It has been horrible. There are nights I don’t sleep and every day I cry,” said Yvonne Boggs, Trego’s mother during an interview last April.

“I feel in my heart she is out there and as long as I feel that in my heart I’m going to keep looking for her,” Nancy Bowen said at the vigil.

The task force made up of federal and local law enforcement are also looking for Columbus’ Holly Logan and another unnamed Scioto County woman.

“If it is closure is all we get, we want that because we want to fight for justice. We want justice not just for Megan, but for every woman that has gone missing,” says Kate Lancaster, Megan Lancaster’s sister.

Investigators say Jason McCrary a prime suspect in the death of Timberly Claytor last Friday, and authorities are investigating to see if there are any connections to any of the missing women.