COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — When people go missing, their families are left to pick up the pieces alone.

“I just wish I would have known that the last time he came was the last time I would see him,” Danielle Dyer of Perry County said in an NBC4 interview about her brother Koby Roush. “He gave the best hugs.”

Roush is one of 32 people missing from Perry, Gallia, Muskingum, Licking, Morgan, Fairfield, Athens, Hocking, and Jackson counties, according to a list provided by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Roush’s sister wants hunters and hikers to be on the lookout for his remains, particularly in the area where his car was found.

It’s a timely reminder for people who are in the woods to keep a watch for clothing, shoes, and bones that might look like human remains, and report any sightings like that to the local sheriff. Here are some of the people missing in Ohio — and one who was found.

Benjamin “Michael” Saylor, 30, was reported missing on July 29, 2019. However, Saylor’s remains were found Jan. 11, 2020, on C H and D Road. The distance is about 19 miles by car from C,H, and D Road to Mt. Carmel Road, where missing man Koby Roush’s car was discovered on July 5, 2020.

Aiden Miller, 17, of Athens County, went missing on April 1, 2022, with Emilee Murray, 17, who is now back home.

Lindsey Schobelock, 28, Chillicothe has been missing since Feb. 23, 2022.

Bret Mounts, 28, missing since May 6, 2021. Last seen near the Goodwill in Coshocton.

Raymont Willis II, missing from Waverly since July 4, 2020. Last seen in Pike County.

Wanda Lemons, now 45, missing from Chillicothe since Nov. 4, 2014.

Charlotte Trego, now 35, missing from Chillicothe since May 3, 2014.

Sharon Yoczik, now 76, missing since March 22, 2013, from Gallipolis.

In addition:

Here is a full report of missing people from Perry, Gallia, Muskingum, Licking, Morgan, Fairfield, Athens, Hocking, and Jackson counties. All the missing person cases in Ohio are stored in the Ohio Attorney General’s online database.