COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (WCMH) – Three weeks ago, Ari Smith got the surprise of her life. One of the piglets born on her farm was born without back legs.

“We call him little Miracle and he was born without back legs properly,” Smith said.

Smith says that Miracle seems to have adapted to his missing limbs.

“The first day, he started walking on his front legs and it was amazing to watch because he doesn’t know anything is wrong with him,” Smith told KRDO. “He just thinks this is normal, how he walks.”

Smith is busy with the other animals on the farm, but she makes sure to keep an extra eye on Miracle.

“I have kids so they help me quite a bit, but it’s a lot of work,” she said.

Despite adapting to having only two legs, Miracle still needs help.

“He needs a wheelchair and he’ll probably go to a home that can deal with such a different little guy,” Smith said. “I really want him to go to somebody that can deal with is issues on top of being a pig.”

Smith has reached out to the community but hasn’t been able to find anyone that can help. If you want to help Miracle, you can find out more information on Smith’s website,