MINERVA PARK, OH (WCMH)– Another person has claimed to have seen the mysterious monkey of Minerva Park, and he says he got a picture of the primate.

Like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and aliens, the Minerva Park monkey continues to elude capture by authorities.

Eddie Rogers and his niece snapped a photograph that he says shows the monkey just moments before it ran back into the woods of Innis Park.

The animal, believed to be a Howler monkey, was first spotted last Thursday by a Minerva Park police officer. Today’s sighting is about a mile and a half south of Minerva Park.

Rogers says, at first, he wasn’t sure what he was looking at. “It kind of looked like a bear until I got closer,” Rogers says.”It wasn’t a cat, wasn’t a dog, definitely was a monkey.”

Police have been on the lookout for the monkey ever since it was first spotted sitting on a fence on Lakewood Drive in Minerva Park.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture put out trail cameras over the weekend with the hope of catching their own picture of the animal – whatever it is. They collected the cameras Monday and reviewed the images but there was no sign of a monkey.

Rogers says his morning encounter with the animal was brief.

“I guess he noticed us standing up and then he stood up and took off running,” Rogers said.

Adam Turpen of Scram Wildlife Control says Columbus Police asked him to take a look around Innis Park Monday. Turpen says the photo is inconclusive and he saw no sign of a monkey. “We certainly saw a lot of deer on our investigation but no tracks, no droppings, no evidence whatsoever of any non native exotic pets,” Turpen said.

Anyone who sees the animal is urged not to approach it but to call police right away.