OXFORD, Ohio (WCMH) — Miami University announced Tuesday it will not require ACT or SAT test scores for first-year students applying for admission for fall 2021.

To ensure equitable access to students who were most affected by the test date cancellations, Miami will suspend its ACT or SAT test requirement for fall 2021. Students who want test scores to be considered in admission and scholarship decisions will still have that option. 

Although most first-year students will have the option to apply test-optional for fall 2021, there are some exceptions. Nursing and teacher education applicants as well as students who want to participate in NCAA athletics will be required to provide an ACT or SAT test score (nursing and teacher education to meet program accreditation requirements, athletes to satisfy NCAA requirements). In addition, students who are home schooled and those who attend schools that do not issue grades will be required to provide test scores with their application.

“Although Miami has required ACT or SAT test scores from first-year applicants in the past, it has never been the only factor the admission committee considers in application evaluation, nor is it the most important factor,” said Bethany Perkins, Miami University director of admission. “We believe Miami’s test-optional policy for fall 2021 is in the best interest of students who endured so many disruptions during their junior year of high school. By taking this action, we’re eliminating what could be a roadblock for some students who want to attend Miami University.”

Perkins added that Miami’s evaluation of admission applications will continue to consider factors such as grades, GPA and strength of curriculum, application essays, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, talent, and personal background, among others. The absence of a test score will not impact a student’s application.

“Grades in individual courses throughout high school and the strength of a student’s curriculum, in the context of what’s available to them at their school, are better predictors of college success than is a one-day test,” Perkins said.

A test score also will not be required for applicants to be considered for merit scholarships or admission to competitive programs such as honors or the Farmer School of Business. 

“We know Miami students are much more than a test score,” said Jenny Darroch, incoming dean of the Farmer School of Business. “We produce some of the best business school graduates in the nation because our students are well rounded. They were motivated to go beyond the minimum in high school, and that enthusiasm only intensifies when they are exposed to the opportunities they have at Miami.”