COLUMBUS (WCMH) – A 23-year-old Delaware man is charged with rape and kidnapping of a 17-year-old girl after an online chat.

Authorities said Craig Andrietti talked with the teen in a group-chat on Kik, a messenger app. Police said they agreed to meet at Comfest. Then he followed her to her home on the southeast side of Columbus, where investigators said he allegedly attacked her.

“The victim and some of her friends went back to another location where the defendant, Craig Andrietti, is charged with raping her as well as kidnapping in connect with the rape,” said Ron O’Brien, Franklin Co Prosecutor.

Andietti is being held on a $250,000 bond, and will be back in court next week.

NBC4 spoke with parents and a social media expert about the dangers for online teens.

“I try to talk to them and give them hypotheticals and they think it won’t happen to them, but I think the more we talk about it, keep an eye on it and monitor their phones the better chance we have of stopping problems before they happen” said Celeste Wilson, mother of a teen and preteen.

Kik allows users to register, then chat with others anonymously.

“There is a big concern because you never know what you are getting yourself into, you can be setup in a really bad position where you can be abducted or snatched up,” said mother Aisha Garrett.

A social media expert with NXT Concepts said there is also monitoring software that can help parents stay on top of their family’s social media browsing.

“The software can go in and do basic things of tracking locations, others are more invasive can track texts, phone calls and images up loaded and shared. You can even limit what activity and web sites they go to. You can also track their history,” said Samantha Rufo, Owner of NXT Concepts.

Rufo said Kids Place software is a parental control which showcases approved apps.

Net Nanny gives a warning in a browser window when a website is taboo.

My Mobile Watchdog allows for review of text messages and ability to view photos.

PhoneSheriff monitors internet history, text messages, call history, apps installed and photo logs. It also has real-time GPS tracking.

These are just some of the social media monitoring software.What others are clicking on: