ORLANDO (WIAT) Summer is the busiest moving season of the year. Information from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that nearly half of all moves take place between May and Labor Day. It can be a stressful time in a person’s life. All that packing, planning, the active verb form of “moving” itself – and that’s not even mentioning roommates. It can be a nightmare trying to find the right person to live with you.

That’s why one Orlando resident got creative to find a new roommate after his previous one moved out. Alfredo Salkeld created ifwewereroommates.com.

What would cause someone to go to such great lengths to fill the vacancy? The front page of the site explains: “I’m not crazy. But I’ve lived with crazy. And I can’t do it again. My roommate’s moving and I can’t bring myself to search through Craigslist and Facebook. There’s gotta be someone out there that I’d jive with and is looking for a place.”

The site features a rather stirring call to action, “Post a status. Fire off a tweet. Shout it loudly from your window. Tell your Grandma to turn on her Compaq and send an e-mail to everyone she knows. I need to get the word out to everyone. Well, preferably people who are looking for an apartment in downtown Orlando…”

But Alfredo doesn’t seem content to let his website do all the work for him. He’s also posted a handful of flyers around town to give potential new roomies an idea of what it would be like to live with him.

Based off the bits of info he’s posted, aside from his lack of trust in Schwinn, Alfredo certainly sounds like a decent roommate. After all, who doesn’t love having a full Brita pitcher at all times!What others are clicking on: