COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A naked man rollerblading in front of a vehicle wearing nothing but a panda hat and carrying what looks like a golf club has yet to be identified.

The video began circulating on social media on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation, who had seen the video, said the ODOT cameras store information for 72 hours, and that the video didn’t seem shot on Wednesday, a snowy day for the city.

Instead, Tuesday at 3:34 is the most likely time, since Monday was wet — if the video was shot this week.

On that day, traffic cameras at Neil Avenue were facing west, which means it did not capture the naked man in the panda head skating east. Cameras are set to spin every 15 minutes, which means they were pointing in the wrong direction.

“Pedestrians are not permitted on interstate highways,” a spokesman at ODOT said. “There are signs posted at all the entrance ramps. This is a safety issue.”

The naked man, rollerblading on a dry highway, appeared to be at the High Street cap and I-670, and exiting at Neil Avenue, the spokesman said.