HAVERHILL, MA (WCMH) – How many yard signs are too many? That’s the question on the mind of people in Haverhill, Massachusetts, after one man was cited by the city for his abundance to Trump signs.

People gathered in front of Ricky Early’s home Saturday morning to show their support as Early stands his ground against the city. Early says this fight is about his first amendment rights, and many of the people there agree, even if they aren’t Trump supporters.

“This is an event to support Ricky and his first amendment rights to support any candidate he wants to,” one man told WBZ.

“Just a show of support,” Early said. “A lot of people want to support what we are doing and don’t like what the city is doing.”

The city has an ordinance that doesn’t allow more than 32 square feet of political signs in a homeowner’s yard.

“Way in access, that’s allowed,” said city building inspector Dick Osborne. “And that’s all he’s been cited for is that he’s over the signage amount by the city ordinance.”

While Early is drawing support, some neighbors aren’t pleased.

“I’m upset by the disturbance in the neighborhood,” one resident said.

Early says the signs have been up since January, and this is the first time there has been a problem.