COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man in connection with Tuesday night’s protest at Columbus Police headquarters.

Hunter A. Mattin, 20, of Wauseon, Ohio, in Fulton County, has been arrested and charged with Aggravated Burglary, a first degree felony.

According to the court complaint, Mattin allegedly “forced open the locked, first floor west-facing entry doors” to the Columbus Division of Police headquarters at 120 Marconi Boulevard.

The complaint then alleges that Mattin “used a wood club to hit Sergeant J. Coleman in the chest and face, which resulted in a cut to Sgt. Coleman’s lip.” The complaint says Mattin purposefully committed “a criminal offense” by allegedly inflicting physical harm to Sgt. Coleman.

The break-in happened after about 50 people peacefully demonstrated in downtown Columbus Tuesday night, according to police. After the protesters left, police say some of them came back and attempted to break into the building.

Mattin is currently being held at the Franklin County Jail.

At a police briefing on Wednesday, a spokesman said: “We as a city cannot tolerate police officers being assaulted by violent protesters.”

The spokesman said that the officers used mace to separate the crowd and make the arrest of Mattin.

The division of police is conducting a criminal investigation into the matter, and when people are identified they will consult with the prosecutor’s office. Currently, detectives in the burglary squad are handling the cases, and they are asking for people to call the non-emergency number with information.

“We are not the least bit concerned about peaceful protests. It’s a constitutional right we support,” the spokesman said, noting that at first, “This group were not only peaceful, but used sidewalks.

“It’s when those protests turn violent, as a city, as a division of police, we cannot tolerate people being injured by violent protesters.”