COLUMBUS (WCMH) – A memorial started to form for Ma’Khia Bryant on Legion Lane Wednesday, just feet from where she was fatally shot by a Columbus Police officer.

Throughout the day, people started showing up and dropping off items including flowers and balloons.

Those people, hoping to pay their respects and speak to the people in the neighborhood who knew Ma’Khia.

One woman said she wanted to do something because, regardless of what led to the shooting, a 16-year-old girl should never be shot and killed.

“I saw another lady dropping off flowers and it just hit me, like, ‘Yeah, I have to do that,’ because there’s no way you can go and talk about it on social media and not be about it when it’s in your community,” said resident Andrea Brewer. “So just to let her know, her life mattered, she was valued. No matter the situation, no matter the circumstance, her life was still valuable. Just like we would remember anyone else, we remember her, too.”

Friends of the family said plans for Bryant’s memorial service have not been finalized.