COLUMBUS (WCMH) — With both a local and federal investigation ongoing, Mohamed Barry’s uncle said he is shocked about the accusations against his late nephew.

According to police, Barry used a machete to attack several patrons inside the Nazareth Mediterranean Cuisine, on Thursday. Barry was later shot and killed by a responding officer, several miles from the scene.

“He [Barry] was a quiet guy,” said Barry’s uncle, identified as Mamadou. “He don’t like too much talk.”

Mamadou said Barry was born in Guinea and moved to the United States in 2000. He spent much of his time in Philadelphia, before moving to Columbus two years ago. Also according to Mamadou, Barry was set to be married in three weeks.

“Everybody’s surprised,” Mamadou explained. “The whole family’s surprised.”

According to law enforcement sources, the FBI investigated Barry four years ago, for expressing radical Islamic views.

Mamadou said his nephew never mentioned those thoughts to him.

“I never knew,” he said. “I never heard about it until I see it on TV.”

At the Nazareth Mediterranean Cuisine, employees spent much of Saturday cleaning the restaurant.

“This guy [Barry] is a thug,” Baransi said. “We’ve been working hard. We have great people, a great team over here. We’re not going to let some thug like that ruin our day.”

Baransi said he plans to reopen his restaurant on Monday, as long as his employees feel comfortable returning to work.