COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — White squirrels are a rare treat in Central Ohio, so when folks spot them, they snap a picture.

A white squirrel is a variety of the Eastern Gray Squirrel which can be identified by its dark eyes, while an albino squirrel has red eyes. Take a look at some viewer pictures and sightings:

Reader Caterina Langlois said her parents, who live near Lancaster, have three white squirrels in the woods behind the house. The family has also seen a white squirrel in Lithopolis.

“We always get a lot of entertainment from our white squirrels — whether they are climbing trees, chasing grey Grey squirrels, trying to get in the bird feeders, or eating the peanuts my mom sometimes puts out for them,” Langlois said. “They are pretty fun to watch!”

Kayla Jeske said she sees a white squirrel, and its gray squirrel companion with white on top of its head, that they’ve named Slim Shady in their Blacklick home, close to Waggoner Park.

Jennie Burden snapped a photo of a healthy-sized squirrel during the winter at Eagle Head Drive in Columbus.

On Oakland Avenue, Shauna Patterson at first thought she’d seen a ferret — and then realized she was looking at a white squirrel.

In Gahanna, Glen Ganschinietz said he’s seen several white squirrels playing in the McCorkle Park area. “I’ve seen as many as four of them at a time playing together, chasing each other and doing typical squirrel stuff!”

When Chris Johnson moved into the Reynoldsburg area, he was happily surprised to find white squirrels visiting his backyard.

Other viewers report seeing them in Berwick around Roosevelt Avenue and in Gahanna near Goshen Lane Elementary.

In May 2021, NBC4 published a gallery of white squirrel pictures. Take a look at last year’s sightings for more white squirrel fun.