CINCINNATI (WCMH) — A Worthington gym owner made television history Monday night.

Michelle Warnky, a co-owner of Movement Lab Ohio on Lazelle Road in Columbus, became only the second woman to complete a city finals course on the television show American Ninja Warrior.

At Movement Lab Ohio Monday, Warnky and a number of her fans and clients gathered for a watch party.

Warnky has appeared on the show several times over its last six seasons.

Running the course in Cincinnati, Warnky was cheered on by her family and boyfriend, with dozens of fans wearing Warnky shirts in the audience.

During a pre-run interview, Warnky said she was diagnosed with a genetic condition that predisposes her to a high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. She said her chances of contracting either could be as high as 85 percent.

“Anyone of us can be done in a year, so you want to run like it’s your last run,” she said before taking the course.

Warnky had a memorable quarterfinal run when she was hit in the face by one of the rings on the course, which immediately drew blood. Warnky powered through and hit the buzzer with a small trickle of blood running into her eye.

During her finals run, Warnky completed the same obstacle that injured her — the Ring Swing — with no problem.

On Monday’s show, she still had some visual damage from that run, but it didn’t slow her down.

Powering through the course, Warnky made the run seem easy, and by the time she got to the final obstacle, the Spider Trap, the crowd and the announcers were going nuts.

With a smile as big as her determination plastered on her face, she finished the run, hit the buzzer, and collapsed to her knees in joy and exhaustion.

Kacy Catanzaro is the only other female competitor to finish a city finals course. She accomplished this in 2014.