COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Six women have filed a lawsuit against two Columbus Division of Police detectives previously assigned to the Vice Unit.

The women are suing Detectives Steven Rosser and Whitney Lancaster, claiming malicious prosecution and abuse of process in violation of the fourth and fourteenth amendments. 

The women claim they were targeted for arrest by Lancaster and Rosser after the general manager of Kahoots fired a bouncer who was working with Rosser.

After Mr. Sokol was fired, in or around October 2017, Defendant Rosser approached the owner(s) of Kahoots and threatened that if Mr. Sokol was not rehird by Kahoots, Defendant Rosser would “file a bunch of tickets” and implied he would close Kahoots.

The women claim the club eventually rehired the bouncer, but not before a number of charged were filed against employees of Kahoots. Charges against all the women were eventually dismissed.