COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A woman who caused the death of two adults and an unborn child in 2020 was sentenced Friday morning.

Kimberly Renee Mantkowski, 58, will serve a minimum of 14 years with a maximum sentence of 16 years on three counts of aggravated vehicular homicide, to be served consecutively, and two counts of aggravated vehicular assault, which will run concurrently, but consecutive to the first three counts.

On June 17, 2020, Mantkowski caused a crash while attempting to pull into her driveway on Harrison Pike – U.S. Route 62 – just north of Orders Road in Jackson Township when she failed to yield the right of way and hit two motorcycles traveling in the opposite direction.

Rickey Ross, 61 and Kimberly Ross, 49, died as a result of their injuries. On the other motorcycle were Jordan Davey and Alexis Ross, who were injured, but the unborn baby of Ross did not survive.

Mantkowski, who pleaded guilty to the five counts in September, was initially indicted on nine counts, including three counts of aggravated vehicular homicide, two counts of aggravated vehicular assault, two counts of vehicular assault and two counts of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse or a combination of the two.

Her BAC level was 0.214.

“This is a cautionary tale,” said Franklin County Court of Appeals Judge Kimberly Cocroft prior to sentencing, “When you are drinking and driving you have a 2,000 pound weapon… and if it is misdirected and misguided it can cause the level of devastation that we see in this case.”

The sentencing was part of a joint recommendation by council. Mantkowski, who received zero credit for time served, will be eligible for parole in 2036, upon which she would subject to a mandatory period of post-release control of 18 months to three years on the first three counts and two years on the last two counts.