On the Olentangy Trail near King Avenue just outside of OSU’s campus, you never know what you’ll run into as bikers zip by and joggers focus on their pace.

Just an hour before sunset it’s picturesque.

But Julie Nemecek’s view of this section of the trail is now quite different.

“The public should be alerted because this is a safety concern,” said Nemecek.

She said she and a friend were biking there on Tuesday around 8:00 p.m. when a man she paid little attention to suddenly became more memorable by first yelling then much worse.

“He approached her. She stopped, she was startled and he pulled out a knife that was about six inches long,” she said.

Nemecek said she called 911 and with no shortage of others on the trail at the time the two began to spread the word.

“And there were other bikers, walkers and we warned them and were like there’s a guy with a knife on the path,” said Nemecek.

Though she said the suspect took off heading north toward campus, she was able to get a good description of him beyond the jeans and black t-shirt he was wearing and the backpack he carried.

“He was fairly clean cut. I would say tall, slender. He had a very narrow face, high cheekbones. Black hair. Gelled,” she said.

She has little doubt what could have happened.

“He could’ve stabbed her and that could’ve been the end of her life,” said Nemecek.

Nor, she said, what could happen next.

“It appears to be someone that would strike again and I think that it’s dangerous,” she said.

If you have information about this man you are asked to call Columbus Police.