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Woman finds dozens of brown recluse spiders in apartment

NASHVILLE, TN (WCMH/CNN) -- A Tennessee woman is recovering after being bitten multiple times by brown recluse spiders.

She says dozens of brown recluse spiders have invaded her apartment, despite the fact the management company sprayed her apartment. Now, she wants out of her lease, WSMV reported.

"And we were finding brown recluses left and right, in our bed, on the ceiling, in my iron, in her shoe," said Angela Wright.

Spider traps now line every corner of her apartment. She put them there after finding nearly 50 of the arachnids in her bedroom alone.

"I noticed that my arm, my left arm, was hurting and then I just casually dismissed it," said Wright.

Doctors confirm she was bitten at least three times.

"I couldn't walk I couldn't move and barely could swallow. I was starting to hallucinate," said Wright.

Wright asked her landlord about breaking the lease. The landlord refused, saying the spiders are just part of Nashville and the south in general.

"They said that you know the only thing that they can do is give me a 60 day notice and I will have to fulfill that," said Wright.

The brown recluse is one of the most venomous spiders. It is usually between the size of a quarter and a half-dollar.

The brown color that gives it its name can range from a light yellowish brown to a dark red or chocolate brown.


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