COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus police are on the trail of the group they believe to be responsible for a deadly bar shooting Monday night.

In the 911 calls made to Columbus police, witnesses name a motorcycle group they claim to be responsible for this shooting. One caller appears to be a worker at the bar. She said this just seconds after the chaos broke out.

“They’re shooting, I think somebody’s been hit. I need a squad. They’re shooting like a bunch of shots they,” the caller said.

“Who’s they,” asked the dispatcher. “The Avengers, The Avengers Fight Club, they’re on their motorcycles, can you please? I’ve heard like 20 shots,” the callers said.

“Please, please. Lock the door, lock the door,” she said to the others inside.

Another man called 911 from outside the bar telling the dispatcher the shooting happened on the patio of the old landmark.

“Where are you?” the dispatcher asked.

“I’m in the back of the building. Nobody is safe,” the caller said.

This unidentified man proceeds to tell the dispatcher he has been shot in the neck.

“Did you see who shot you,” asked the dispatcher.

“Yes, The Avengers. The bikers, The Avengers,” the caller said. “Shots fired; I’m going to die today.”

Columbus police have not named that group as a possible suspect, but they have confirmed to NBC4 they executed a search warrant for a building on North Guilford Avenue Tuesday which they say is connected to the homicides.

The name on the building, the same as the name given by callers.

Police say all five men who were shot were customers at the bar when they began to fight. They say the fight escalated into a shootout on the bar patio.

Two of the men died. 50-year-old Glenn Clark was pronounced dead on the scene, and 38-year-old Nicholas Dowler died later at Grant Medical Center.

We asked CPD to go on camera for an interview Wednesday and they said they were not available.

Detectives are currently going through the evidence found with the search warrant and at the homicide scene.