COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) —Relief at the gas pump is finally coming to Central Ohio as the national average dipped for the first time in weeks.

Patrick De Hann is the head of petroleum analysis with Gas Buddy. He says to enjoy the lower prices now because that could change at any time.

“They’re not anywhere where they need to be. I mean it’s cool that it’s down but nowhere near where it needs to be,” said Tom Pastor.

Pastor paid just over $60 dollars for 14 gallons in Columbus. Even with the slight decrease in price, summer plans are still out of the question for him.

“I mean I’m retired on a fixed income so that’s rough you know,” he said.

According to AAA Ohio, the state average price for gas is $4.64, which is $0.44 less than the record-breaking high just a month ago.

“Improvement in gasoline supply in the region and concerns about the economy slowing down,” said De Hann, explaining the top reasons why prices are going down across the nation.

“Maybe another week, maybe two weeks if we’re lucky of gas prices declining but beyond that any small bump in the road could really cause prices to jump back up,” he said. “I’m hopeful we’ve already seen the peak for the year.”

Chantel Boyd who works at Speedway in Columbus says this decrease is a welcome sight.

“We’re all watching it and every time there’s a little buzzer that goes off and we run to check it to see, ‘Did they go down?’ so yeah it’s funny we’re all running to it,” Boyd said.

Boyd says lower prices mean happy customers. She’s hoping to see the cost per gallon drop even more.

“I am trying to save money right now to get a new car so that means I can put more money into my savings account, right?”