COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The season has arrived for U-pick fresh produce.

Strawberry season begins the week leading into Memorial Day weekend, and it was a season of concern for Hann Farms on Lockbourne Road because of a cold, wet spring and a lack of interest in employment.

“Each year, it becomes more and more of a struggle,” Gretchen Hann said. “In the past, I’d put it on Facebook and or put it online or on our sign out front, and within three days, I’d have to turn kids away. I had to take applications for a little over a month this year.”

That mixed in with the picking season being delayed because of the weather at the end of April and the beginning of May.

“April was cold. It stayed cold and wet and that’s just pushed us back,” Hann said. “Normally for plastic culture berries, we start between the 15th and 20th.”

The weather has broken, the employees are hired, and now the picking season is about to begin. The season should last anywhere from two to four weeks and depends mostly on how many people come out and pick.

“We get a lot of families with kids and stuff,” Hann said. “They enjoy coming out here and having that experience of picking their own produce.”

More than families can visit the local farms, of course; you can come alone or visit with a group of friends or use the opportunity as a romantic date. There are other farms in the area that are offering U-Pick strawberries, scan the list below to find your favorite place or the one closest to you.

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