WHITEHALL, Ohio (WCMH) — Whitehall police are asking for the public’s help as they work to identify a serial robber.

Police say the suspect has committed at least three robberies in Whitehall and multiple others around the United States.

The Whitehall robberies occurred between August and September, 2021, according to police.

  • Dairy Queen on South Yearling Rd. on August 12, 2021;
  • CVS on E. Main St. on Sept. 24, 2021;
  • Family Dollar on East Main St. on Sept. 27, 2021.

In each case, police say the suspect either brought items up to the cashier or appeared like he wanted to place an order. Once at the counter, police say the suspect took out a knife, or implied he had a handgun. He then jumped on the counter and took money out of the register before fleeing, according to police.

In at least two robberies, the suspect has work a black sweatshirt that reads “Grove City Wrestling” with the number 25 on one of the sleeves. Police say the shirt is not associated with Grove City, Ohio.

Anyone with information is asked to call Whitehall police.