WHITEHALL, Ohio (WCMH) — The return to school is continuing this week for students across Central Ohio, and students in one district were greeted by a few new faces when walked through the school doors Monday morning.

“What attracted me to Whitehall was that small family atmosphere,” admits new Whitehall-Yearling High School Principal Henry Lee.

A trio of fresh faces are opening the door to a new era for students in Whitehall.

“I’m really excited to work with this team. We all have a lot of different skillsets, and you know we’re going to build off each other and support each other,” encourages Casey Martin, a Whitehall Assistant Principal.

Not only is Whitehall-Yearling High School welcoming in a new principal, but a pair of new assistant principals as well.

“The biggest challenge will be, and has been maybe, for the teachers, the staff to feel comfortable with us. Understandably a lot of times you’re not sure when new leadership comes into place,” adds the second of the school’s two new assistant principals Angela Fuentes.

Both Martin and Fuentes worked as intervention specialists with their previous districts. It’s a shared background they believe will enrich a diverse community and help foster a culture of inclusion inside the classroom.

“I think we’re only as strong as our kids that have the most challenges. And so, I think that positions us perfectly to grow students all the way across the spectrum,” Fuentes describes.

“Education right now, a big piece is differentiating for students. How are you going to help support them, and how are you going to make education relevant for them?” adds Martin.

First-year principal Henry Lee, he comes to Whitehall from Linden-McKinley’s STEM Academy.

He hopes to integrate many of those same technologies into the curriculum at Whitehall.

“We’re actually in the process of getting all kinds of training going on. Especially with our teachers right now, learning how to use all the equipment that we bought,” explains Lee.

While Lee plans for a future with drones, 3D printing and more at Whitehall, he also hopes his diverse history will provide a sense of comfort to students in similar shoes.

“I’ve moved. My life has been in three different places. And sometimes our students are very mobile, and they go to different places. That alone, in my opinion, adds a little comfort to a relationship with myself and students,” Lee admits. “The people that I’ve known, the people that I’ve met. All the news faces, they’ve been so supportive. I appreciate it a lot and a Go Rams!”