WESTERVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — A 22-year-old was charged Wednesday with endangering a child, allegedly causing life-threatening injuries to a 4-month-old.

Joseph S. Blair, 22, of Westerville, was arrested after he reportedly tripped while holding the infant, causing her to hit her head, become unconscious and sustain “serious physical harm,” according to records from Franklin County Municipal Court.

Despite admitting to the severity of the 4-month-old’s injuries, Blair allegedly took nearly two hours before bringing his daughter to St. Ann’s Hospital, court records state.

St. Ann’s staff later transported the child to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where medical staff determined the injuries were “so severe that she will either die or have permanent brain damage,” court records said.

Although Blair claimed he tripped, causing her to hit her head on the corner of a couch, court records said he changed his story multiple times. Physicians at St. Ann’s and Nationwide Children’s Hospital reportedly claimed that the injuries suffered by the 4-month-old did not match Blair’s explanation.