WESTERVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – Westerville police said they arrested a man Thursday after a security camera video showed him attack workers at a hibachi restaurant, causing over $1,000 in damage in the process.

(Courtesy Photo/Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

Thanks to a tip from the public, investigators identified Michael Gary Smith, 30, as the man in the security camera video of the Sept. 21 incident, according to the Westerville Division of Police. The video showed Smith throw a food bowl and multiple soda bottles at a worker at Genjigo at 14 E. Schrock Rd.

There was no audio included in the video, but a WPD detective’s testimony in a probable cause statement detailed what happened. Smith had returned after picking up food from Genjigo because there was a problem with his order. Two workers at the store counter were fixing his food for him.

Smith was using his phone and began yelling obscenities in the store, including about assaulting his girlfriend, the detective wrote in his report. The cashier at the counter asked Smith to stop yelling expletives and lower his voice. After she did this, Smith began screaming at her before the confrontation escalated to violence.

A security camera captured a photo of Michael Gary Smith standing in the Westerville Genjigo. (Courtesy Photo/Westerville Division of Police)

The WPD detective said this was the point when Smith attacked the cashier, throwing multiple soda bottles, a drink display and his bowl of food at her. She did not retaliate after being hit with multiple objects, but the video showed another customer in the restaurant confronting Smith. Most of the fight happened off-screen, but the two can be seen punching and pushing each other in the corner of the camera’s view. The detective’s report did not make any mention of this second confrontation with another customer.

The WPD detective said Genjigo provided him a breakdown of the damage, which was enough that it forced the restaurant to close early. The incident ended up costing Genjigo $1,482.90.

Smith faces charges of felony vandalism and misdemeanor assault, according to Franklin County Municipal Court records. He will be arraigned Friday at 9 a.m.