WESTERVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — The Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has filed charges in a case of alleged sexual assault that took place at Westerville Central High School in August.

According to court documents, the defendant is a 16-year old boy who has been charged with a first-degree felony for alleged rape; a first-degree felony for alleged assault; and a third-degree felony for alleged abduction.

The complaint states that the boy “did purposely compel John Doe to submit by force or threat of force.”

Police say the incident took place Aug. 9 and involved several members of the school’s football team. According to the Genoa Township Police Department’s social media, “The victim, who is on the team, alleges that while in the locker room, he was knocked to the ground, multiple players kicked him, while one player possibly assaulted him in a sexual manner.”

An official with Westerville schools said the district is cooperating with police.

According to a Delaware County Juvenile Court official, a hearing has not yet been set while the county waits for a visiting judge to be assigned.