WESTERVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — Dental records have ID’d the body found last week near County Line Road as Emily Noble, Westerville Police said Tuesday.

The coroner’s office confirmed Noble’s dental records were “consistent with the body found off County Line Road,” said Westerville Chief of Police Charles Chandler.

A DNA test will be the next step in confirming the identification of the body, which will be conducted by the coroner’s office, Chandler said.

“We felt that, with the dental records, with them being consistent, that we needed to release this information,” he added.

Noble’s family has been notified of the discovery, as has Noble’s husband via his attorney, which Chandler said was at the husband’s request.

The area was searched on three different occasions by police before the body was found last week, including at least once by a cadaver dog, police said. An investigation into how the body got there will be conducted and there’s still a lot of work to be done, Chandler said.

Police do not know how long the body was in the area of County Line Road before it was found, but Chandler said there was decomposition of the body at the site.

An autopsy report has not been filed as of yet, Chandler said, so investigators do not have a cause of death.

Police in Westerville held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss the latest developments on the discovery of a body near County Line Road last week.

“This case, as far as I’m concerned, is far from being over,” Chandler said.

Noble was last seen May 24 after celebrating her 52nd birthday.

The body was discovered Wednesday, Sept. 16, along County Line Road in Westerville, an area searched several times for Noble.

According to a 911 call recording released by Westerville Police, the body was found by a group of people who were searching for Noble.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called to assist with the investigation.