ZANESFIELD, Ohio (WCMH) – Winter is officially here, but ski resorts like Mad River Mountain have been forced by the weather to keep their doors closed.

Mad River Mountain initially planned on reopening Dec. 18; now, that date remains unknown.

“We’re kind of up against some challenging conditions right now,” said Mad River Mountain spokesperson Andy DeBrunner.

DeBrunner said Mad River could add artificial snow, but that has challenges of its own.

“What snowmakers look at is something called wet-bulb temperatures,” he said.

Temperatures need to be in the high 20s, the wind has to hit at a certain direction, and both must remain consistent to manufacture the snow, DeBrunner said.

“If the wind isn’t blowing down in a favorable direction, if it’s coming down and you can’t access it, you’re in trouble,” he added.

For now, business for the resort isn’t a concern, but staff and employees do miss seeing new, friendly faces.

“We’re disappointed on behalf of our guests,” DeBrunner said. “When we welcome people back, we’re looking for those good vibes and great experiences.”

Visit the resort’s website for updates on when it will reopen.