COLUMBUS– They are having a good time in Northwest Columbus. The Centennial High School Stars are the champions of NBC4’s Band of the Week competition for week two of high school football.

“I think something that is really special about Centennial is that the band, one of our nicknames is “the heart of the starts, and while it is a nickname, it has truth in it,” said Centennial High School band PR chair Yara Moret. “We have people in the band who are in baseball and softball and tennis and all sorts of different sports, but they still are will to put the time in to being in band and put on a great show.”

The Stars will rock you Friday night with their Queen themed show.

“It’s cool to hear older music played by high school students, because its not the cool music of today. Its not like this is something that we’re listening to by ourselves, but when we play it as a band, people get a bigger appreciation for Queen and their music,” Moret added.

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